Earn 2 Miles per Dollar!

Your miles cover any travel expense. Seriously.

Airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, vacation packages and more

$217 flight = 21,700 miles
$109 hotel room = 10,900 miles
$57 car rental = 5,700 miles

To see how many miles you need to cover a travel expense, just add two zeros to the cost. For example, if you booked a $217 flight, youll need 21,700 miles to cover it. Anytime, anywhere, anyhow rewards
No blackout dates: Fly free on any airline, anytime. We wont get in your way. Unlimited miles: Theres no limit to how many miles you can earn and your miles dont expire. You earn them, you keep them.

How do I redeem rewards for travel?

Call Pluto Printing from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST
The number of miles needed for travel redemption varies and is based upon the cost of the travel purchase. Here is how it works:
Simply multiply the cost of your travel purchase by 100. For example, if your travel purchase costs $200, you would multiply that by 100 to determine you need 20,000 miles to redeem. If your travel transaction includes taxes, surcharges, and fees, these expenses will be included in the overall calculation to determine how many miles are required for redemption. Separately itemized travel transactions on your statement cannot be combined for a single redemption. Please note that Pluto Printing has no control over how merchants itemize and charge related transactions.

  • Call : 310 - 326 - 6200
  • Email: info@plutoprinting.com


How do I earn rewards?

You will earn 2 miles per dollar on net purchases (purchases minus any credits or returns) only.

Will my rewards ever expire?

Your rewards are yours for the life of the account—they will not expire. But if your account is closed, you will lose any rewards you have not redeemed.

Is there a limit to the amount of rewards I can earn?

There is no cap to the amount of rewards you can earn on purchases.

What if I have Specific questions?

If you are already a Pluto Printing rewards credit card customer, you can access your rewards information online anytime by signing in to your account, or call our Rewards Center toll-free at 310-257-8000, Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00p.m. PST.

Can airline tickets be booked in someone elses name using my miles?

Yes, you can purchase tickets in anyones name. For security purposes, we send all tickets to the billing address on your account.

How far in advance can I book airline tickets?

As long as you have enough miles in your account, you can book your airline tickets up to six months in advance.

What types of purchases qualify for miles?

Rewards will be earned on annual net purchases (not including taxes, shipping, and design fees).

When can I start redeeming?

Rewards are available for redemption once they are posted to your account, determined by your program rules.

Can I redeem a portion of my Rewards and keep adding to the remaining balance?

Yes, you can redeem any or all of your available rewards whenever youd like, provided your account is open and in good standing.

Is my account eligible to transfer rewards?

Your account may be eligible to transfer rewards. Please be aware that transfers are only permitted between certain Pluto Printing Rewards accounts. Not all rewards products are eligible for transfer.